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Seven Lists For the Seventh

Today is the 7th of June. Not that this date has any big significance for me, at least none that I remember right now–if I’m forgetting something important, let me know, and forgive me, because if you are my friend, you know how badly my brain holds information. And that brain drain is getting worse, since my seizures aren’t as well controlled as they should be lately. Not making my life a lot of fun, ya know? Anyway, that was totally not my point.  My point has to do with a thing someone sent me on Twitter, and asked me to write a blog post about. Now, I don’t remember who sent it, because I’ve had this image saved on my tablet for almost a year! (Bad Jonna!) Today I stumbled across it, and decided since it asks for 7 of each thing, and it’s the 7th, I’d do it. So here I go, trying to answer these questions, and make as much sense as possible!

7 everyday things I couldn’t live without:  

1-lip balm of some sort   2-something to write with and in  3-a comfy armchair  4–reading material

5 -caffeine  6-I’d be very unhappy without the internet (but could likely live without it as long as I had #’s 2 & 4)   7-sleep

7 of my favorite songs:

(in no particular order, just a few I’ve been listening to a lot lately)

1-‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ by Plastic Bertrand (a song I picked up from Craig Ferguson!)

2-‘Come Together’ as recorded by Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin

this just makes me feel totally free….

3-‘How’s the World Treating You’ by Alison Kraus & James Taylor (two of my favorite artists, singing a country classic–their voices together are just too beautiful!)

4-‘Sacred Emotion’ by Donny Osmond (I don’t care what you say, the man can sing, and I LOVE this song.)

5-‘Travelin’ Soldier’ by The Dixie Chicks (breaks my heart every time…and this fan made video is awesome.)

6-‘I’m Beautiful’ by Bette Midler (because I’m Beautiful, dammit!)

7-‘Beautiful World’ by Colin Hay


7 pastimes I never tire of doing:

  1. Reading
  2. Looking at stupid things on Pinterest, Tumblr & YouTube
  3. Learning
  4. Laughing
  5. Talking to friends & family
  6. wandering around stores
  7. This.

7 treats I could eat every day:

  1. Popcorn
  2. smoothies
  3. fruit of almost any kind
  4. sweet potato fries
  5. chai tea latte (iced)
  6. snickerdoodles
  7. beef fajitas


7 places I want to visit:

  1. New York City
  2. London
  3. Paris
  4. Mexico
  5. Japan
  6. Hawaii
  7. The Smithsonian Museum & Library of Congress in Washington DC (my big dream vacay!)


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The Real World: Portland

The last month has been nothing but drama at my house. If I wanted this much drama in my life, I’d have stayed in the theater–Shakespeare’s got a much better vocabulary than we do around here.  His insults are better, too.  Half of my family seems to be convinced that we’re the cast of some over-the-top reality television show, including swearing-screaming-crying-tantrums,  death threats, drunken parties, random sex,  mood swings and come close to fist fights. Our wardrobes are nothing like the Real Housewives (we’re much better dressed than Honey Boo-Boo), but I’m betting our theatrics are equal to theirs any day.  
Yes, I love my family. And right now, I am actually pretty happy living with them, even with all of this going on. Things are better in this house, mostly, and I don’t feel the need to escape like I did a few months ago. I do, occasionally feel a strong urge to duct tape one or two family members to a chair in the garage, and gag them so I won’t have to listen to them anymore!

Families are always messed up, I guess. Nobody is perfect, or even close. I’d be miserable if I had to be part of some sitcom family. The Brady Bunch always annoyed the hell out of me, all so damn perky & blonde! Only Jan was a normal person, and they were awful to her! The Cleavers were even weirder as far as I’m concerned. I’d probably be happy with the Addams Family: all the black clothes and weirdness would make me feel right at home.

There are other things going on in my life. I discovered that the pain in my arm is tendonitis, which will get better, apparently. I managed to make a total fool of myself in front of Dr Jeff, and will be embarrassed about it for a while. I had a birthday. It sucked. The anniversary of Michele’s passing came. That sucked even more. (I’ve a post half ready about that…) I was reminded that so many men are jerks, no matter their age, and that really sucked. And, I read a couple of books that I haven’t reviewed yet.

I am having lots of computer issues, which is why I haven’t posted sooner. In the next week I will hopefully have some of those issues fixed, and will be able to write a bunch at ya’ll. I know you’re waiting for it!  I’ll be back.



Book Review: ‘Motive’ by Jonathan Kellerman

<img alt=”Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel” border=”0″ src=”” />Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel by motivehref=””>Jonathan Kellerman</a><br/>
My rating: <a href=”″>2 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
I consider myself a fan of Jonathan Kellerman, and especially of the Alex Delaware series; I own every book in the series, and have read most of them more than once. (In the past, when my stash of paperbacks were not stored in the garage, I’d have a Kellerman Marathon Weekend every few months, and binge read my way through the series!) Kellerman’s Detective Milo Sturgis, is one of my favorite characters in contemporary literature. I am always happy when a new book is released. But the last few books have been sadly lacking in the psychological twist that made the series unique, and “Motive” is lacking in more than that. It seems as if Kellerman is writing by rote, following an outline. Chapter 1: The Murder; Chapter 2: A Bit About the Victim; Chapter 3: Milo Eats.” By the end of the book, it’s difficult to care. In this case, we were given page after page of supposition, and, in comparison, very little action. The entire reason this series is so popular (at least from my point of view), is the unique psychological twist that their author gives them; if I wanted a standard crime story, I could get that anywhere. I read these because of that element: why the bad guys are who they are. ‘Motive’ seems to be sorely lacking in its title.

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normal people scare me

Normal is boring, as well. The rest of my life may be extremely dull, but I am not boring, simply because I am not normal. These days I’m one of the more sane members of my family, but that doesn’t mean much in a family where insanity doesn’t just run, it gallops (to paraphrase Cary Grant in ‘Arsenic & Old Lace’). Last month Max told me that he & I were the least crazy people in the family, and that was because we have the highest IQ’s. I wasn’t sure if I should be complimented that he thinks I’m smart, or that he thiks I’m not crazy. Either way, it made me happy. His mother wasn’t as happy that her son insulted both her intelligence & sanity!

I’m on a new antidepressant, and it’s helping so far. But something is going wrong, because even though I am not missing doses, I’ve had two seizures in the last two weeks. One just last night, a mild one, but I hit my head somewhere. I have a HUGE bump on the top right side of my noggin, and it hurts like crazy. Even laying on the pillow hurt, and I thought I was gonna cry washing my hair in the shower this morning! My next appointment with the epilepsy clinic isn’t until February, but I am going to try to get in earlier, and we wil be discussing changing meds. I want this to be a year where I do not end up in the hospital.
Maybe make semi-sane my new normal.


I promised a post about the new house, but this isn’t it. I’m just getting used to the bluetooth keyboard, and am not ready to post big yet. Tomorrow. Lots of pictures, I promise. Before & after, of some spaces, at least.


Sleeping Beauty

I got up early this morning to head across town to the Oregon Clinic for a consultation in their sleep department. My sleep issues are annoying, so the doctor sent me for a sleep study, and this guy today is the one who decides if I need that study. I had a short physical exam, answered a lot of questions, and discussed my sleep hygiene. -“The bed is for sleep and intimacy only. Establish a consistent bedtime and rise time.”  Things like that. I’ll be doing a sleep study soon, and until then, keeping a sleep diary, as well as working on this sleep hygiene. 

Sleep has always been so difficult for me. I spend hours each night tossing and turning, wishing my brain would shut the hell up so I can sleep. Over the years I’ve learned how to make sure my room is the right temperature–I cannot sleep in a warm room–as well as well-ventilated. I have used white noise machines, ocean and nature music on my iPod to block out all the noises in the house. These days I sleep with earplugs, and they work much better than the white noise ever did. There are so many types of earplugs; I discovered an entire website devoted to them, which surprised me.  I am still searching for the perfect plugs; my ears are small, and the foam plugs hurt to sleep in. I am using silicon earplugs right now, and while they don’t block as much noise as the foam, they are much more comfortable. Finding decent pj’s is a pain, as well. I am very picky, and I am fat; this makes it nearly impossible to find something to sleep in that isn’t decorated with Disney characters or sports logos. Not sure why the marketing world thinks that all women over a size 12 want to go to bed dressed like Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty, but it gets on my nerves. All I want is a pair of simple, cotton pyjamas in basic colors–pink, blue, white, green, purple. Stripes, maybe dots or floral, but nothing else. I’m going to have to make my own, I’ve determined. Big fun. 

I do love my sleep mask, though. It’s pink and black, with embroidered closed eyes with long lashes on the front. Wearing it, I feel like Audrey in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Somehow, I’m always able to sleep better in it, plus, I feel so glamorous! 

As I embark on yet another change in my life, and try to sort out my sleep habits, I’m hoping that this will be a good thing. And that I can finally get pyjamas I like. 


Gone, Google, Gone

It’s been a month now, as Max reminded me today. Miss Google has been gone for a month. Five weeks, actually. I miss her terribly. Her meow, her warm presence at the foot of my bed, the way she always curled up on top of whatever I was reading, her constant presence in my life. Every time  I get up in the night, I go to the back window, hoping to see her sitting on the porch railing, waiting for someone to let her in; every time I let Daisy in or out, I hope she’ll be there, wanting me to let her in as well. But no such luck. My baby is gone. I only hope that where ever she ended up, she’s happy. If she was killed, it was not painful, or slow. That if she’s in pet heaven, she’s hanging out with Belle and Cat-Cat, having tuna and cream. If she’s with a  new family, they are treating her well, and she loves them. I’ll miss her forever.