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How Stupid Do I Look?

Wait, don’t answer that.

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I have faith in the basic goodness of humanity, and usually see the glass as half-full. That’s getting difficult, as I keep running into people who seem determined to show me how wrong I am.

Last month I posted an ad on Craigslist to sell my wedding gown (I’ve been trying to sell it off & on since 2010, and have had no luck). It’s a lovely gown, and I could use the extra money, as well as the space. Right away I got a response, asking to buy it. I was thrilled, but a bit puzzled. The email asked all sorts of questions about me that someone making a simple purchase shouldn’t need to know — personal information, and I was hesitant to answer. So I didn’t. I did receive a cashiers check the next day; it was for over $1500. I am asking $250 for my dress, so this was a bit shocking.  Included with the check were instructions to cash the check, keep my cut, and give the rest, along with the dress, to a courier, who would ship it to the buyer. Yeah, right. Again, I’ll ask, how dumb do I look? (Shut up, Jolene.) Needless to say, I did not cash that check, or send my dress anywhere that month. I reposted it this week, and got another, similar scam, this one involving PayPal  & Western Union.  Seems swindling is the flavor of the month online. This glass is still half-full–of bullshit.


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The Stupid Burns


It’s been a rough week. I went to see a new primary care doctor just over a week ago, and really liked him. He addressed the issues that the doctor I was leaving refused to look at– insomnia & RLS– and was nice on the eyes. Plus, he did not once tell me I’d sleep better if I got more exercise, or tell me I need to lose weight. He gave me some new meds, and increased the dosage on my RLS med. I was happy.

The problems began the next day. I wasn’t sure if I’d picked up a stomach bug, or if I was having a reaction to on of the meds, but I felt horrible. Stomach cramps, pain, the whole nine yards. By Thursday, I was begging my sister to kill me, but she refused, damn her.

Over the weekend, I went back to the lower dose of the RLS meds, and suddenly *** angels singing *** I was better! Last night, I took the higher dose, and this morning, I’m dying again. UGH.

So, I’ve now spent all this time being absolutely miserable for no reason whatsoever. Could have fixed it at any time. Not only am I in pain, but I’m too stupid to figure out why.



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Feelin’ Stupid… On A Saturday Afternoon

It started out as a completely normal day. Woke up and had a cup of coffee while checking Facebook. Had a yummy strawberry-spinach smoothie for breakfast, read some pages on the blog I’m currently obsessed with, took a shower. Used my new fancy blow-dryer to get lovely smooth hair, which I then messed up by going to the gym & walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes!

Yes, I realize that showering before exercising is not the smartest move, but it was not my dumbest move today. It’s not my normal routine.

My real stupidity kicked in when I returned to the apartment, and began to fix myself something to eat. A bowl of grapes, a Babybel cheese, and some leftover beef brisket. While my meat was warming in the microwave, I filled my water bottle and added a packet of Crystal Light drink mix. Cherry-Pomegranate flavor. It’s bright red. Then I picked up my bottle & shook it.
(Can you guess what happened next?)
Suddenly, there was hot pink water everywhere! The flip top on my bottle hadn’t clicked all the way shut, and I sprayed half the kitchen & myself with what is, essentially, diet Kool-Aid.
Because I was facing the counter between the fridge & stove, that area looked as if it had been painted fuchsia. I frantically took all the magnets & memorabilia off the fridge & wiped them clean, then went after the rest of the kitchen. The white wall is still faintly pink, and will require more scrubbing than I was willing to do this afternoon.
And after all that, I had to change my shirt & bra, which were both soaked in pink sticky liquid, and reheat my dinner.
Trust me, from now on, I will be sure the flip-top is secure. And I think I’ll be sticking to beverages of a lighter color, just in case.
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