Sad Sunday

I’m sad today. Part of me is missing, has been for days. My kitty, MissGoogle, went out in the backyard Thursday afternoon, and hasn’t been back since. We’ve looked all up and down the block for her, asked all the neighbors, asked the county humane society, and there is no sign of her. She’s wearing her collar and tag, as always, but nary a call has come in.

MissG has been with me since 2009. She was so tiny, so cute, and I fell in love with her from the moment we met.

Everybody loved her. She has always been able to squirm her way into strange hiding places, as well as people’s hearts. Even my dad likes her, and he claims to hate cats. She’s gotten bigger, of course, and is kinda chubby these days. Jolene calls her Google McFatty, but in a nice way. Max looks at her two or three times a day, and asks “Hey, Google, search Max” and if she looks at him, he says she’s done it right.

Without my baby girl, my room seems empty, and my heart is broken. I can onlyhope she comes home soon.

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Random Middle of the Night Post

I woke up Thursday morning and, for the first time in weeks, I wasn’t in pain. Well, the small aches and pains that are always here were still there, but the massive pain that has had my neck and shoulders in it’s grip was gone. I honestly did not know what to do! Most people – normal people – would have used their day to actually do something, but that’s not how I roll. I spent my pain-free day curled up in my chair, reading. Same as always.  At least now I know that the pain can be alleviated; the day before, my sister Jolene had massaged my shoulders for a bit, nearly bringing me to tears, and then she sent me to bed with the heating pad. It worked (thanks, Butch!), and I can only wonder what a session from an actual  masseuse would do for me! Checking out deals on Groupon ASAP…

Things are stalled a bit, partially because of money, partially because I’ve been feeling so lousy, and partially because I just put stuff off. Big surprise. It amazes me that I once had a busy life, a full -time job, a home of my own, even a social life, and managed it all! Right now I am just proud that I’ve been able to keep my room clean for two weeks in a row; managing more than that is scary. However, I am working on doing more, both here, in the house (which is actually harder than going outside) and out. Still haven’t started my yoga class, but that is next, as is following through on my promise to Jolene to help with dinner twice a week. I can do this, right?

What I cannot do is get Miss Google to be nice to the new kitten. They antagonize each other, and every time Honey comes too close, Miss G goes on full alert, hissing and growling. She’s even swatted Honey a time or two, but the kitten doesn’t care. She’s either a masochist, or she really really wants to be friends, because she keeps coming into Miss G’s territory, getting in her face. At this rate, I may have to call in the cat whisperer.



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Spoiling My Cat- A Project

Decorative table top fountains are often good watering stations for cats.

My darling cat, Miss Google, has a couple of annoying habits. She wakes me up at the butt-crack of dawn, demanding to be fed; her favorite sleeping place is on top of my open book; and she continually drops pieces of food into her water bowl. Once there are little soggy nuggets of cat chow floating in the bowl, she refuses to drink from that water, and searches the house for any other source of water she can find, including the toilet bowl on occasion. Which just grosses me out completely.

Handmade Cat Fountain by Kieth David, available on Etsy for $138

I thought about getting her a small tabletop fountain, after seeing her drink from the running faucet, and remembering how my sister’s cat, Cat-Cat wouldn’t drink from a bowl, just from the faucet. However, the drinking fountains designed for cats are primarily made in China of plastic, which is not food safe. If I won’t use it for myself, why would I let my kitty drink from it? There are stainless steel models, but Miss G has made her dislike of metal dishware clear in the past. There is a man selling pottery cat fountains on Etsy, with non-toxic glazes, and copper piping. They are beautiful, and if I win the lottery, I’ll get her one, because they are pricey! He was inspired by seeing how his cat Bijou, drank from the tabletop fountain he had.

I’ve googled how to make my own tapletop fountain, and it seems like something even someone with my limited skills might be able to do, so I plan to head out to the nearest hardware store and pick up the needed supplies.

I will need:

  • a wide and deep sealed terra cotta or pottery bowl for her to drink from
  • a taller and deeper vessel (also sealed) to house the pump and a large amout of the water
  • a “bubbler” for a fish tank
  • some plastic tubing
  • waterproof adhesive

Some of these things I will scrounge around the house to find, like the containers. I’m thinking about using an old wash basin, and a few mismatched teacups to make the fountain pretty as well as functional.

Pictures and updates to follow!


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My Teenage Cat.

I am the parent of a teenager.

My teen doesn’t drag me to soccer games or need rides to the mall. She’s not your typical teen. And yet…she is! Yes, my kitten is growing up. Miss Google is a teen.
These last few weeks I’ve been noticing my baby girl acting more & more like an adolescent. Her risk-taking behavior scares me, and she ignores my calls of “Get down! Don’t do that! Stop!” as she walks along the thin iron railing of our second-story deck, or climbs to the top of the bookshelves. When she falls, who will she cling to?
She eats things that she shouldn’t. As she chases bugs across the apartment she knocks over half the things in her way, never stopping until she catches & eating each one. It’s gross, but it makes her so happy…
And the plants, oh, the plants. Yes, she’s eaten all the herbs in the pots on the deck. The mint, lemon balm, lavender. She chews on the geranium, the roses, the jasmine.
Like many teens, Miss Google (I’m ashamed to admit) has experimented with drugs. My kitty has a catnip problem. We bought a catnip plant at the nursery, so I guess that makes us her dealers. She’d chew on a few leaves, and be stoned the entire day.
But I realized she was truly an adolescent the other day when she walked right by me as I called her name. Steven & I both called her, and she simply ignored us, strolling past with her tail in the air. Totally a teenage behavior! If she’d had a cell phone, she’d have been texting her friends “My parentals are so lame! OMG!”
I’m just glad she isn’t watching Twilight or listening to Justin Bieber.