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Tell Me a Story

It’s been nearly two months since my last post. I am a slacker. In my defense, I DID spend two weeks of that time without vision, after I scratched my eyeball and had to go without contacts while it healed. Since I don’t have a pair of glasses at the moment (and for some reason, we never found time to make it to the nearest vision center), and I am blind as the proverbial bat (without the great hearing), I was pretty much stuck in a chair, doing nothing.

“But, Jonna,” I hear you ask, “How is that any different than your normal, everyday, vision-filled life?”

Yeah, shut up.

I know I’m a slacker, you know I’m a slacker, we all know, Jonna’s a slacker. Old news. They don’t call me the Queen of Procrastination for nothing! My friend and fellow blogger/slacker, Tara of tarapieceofpaper¬†went seven months between posts, and she actually has a life and stuff to write about, so I don’t feel so bad!

Anyway. While blind, or blurry, I discovered that audio books are actually kinda nifty, if the person reading them doesn’t sound like Daffy Duck. Until now the only experience I had with them was listening to a few celebs read their memoirs, which I enjoyed. Craig Ferguson, my favorite comedian and talk show host, has written two books, and I own his memoir on tape. This time, I broadened my horizons, first trying a book I was halfway through reading. I had to give that up, because the reader was terrible. I am assuming she is related to the author or sleeping with the producer, because otherwise, nobody would hire her to read for a living. Remember the actress with the horrible voice in “Singin’ In the Rain?” Yeah. This was her, only younger, and with a Southern accent.

So I gave up on that book and moved on to others, all of which were better, I am happy to say. My choices ranged from new age (Depak Choprah) to Stephen Fry reading short stories, to poetry collections, and podcasts. And I listened to Carol Burnett read her memoirs, too. She’s always been one of my hero, so that was wonderful!

Now, I can see again, but I’ve not given up on audio books. It’s so nice to have someone else read to me for a change. When insomnia strikes, as it often does, I just slip on my headphones, lay in the dark, and a soft voice tells me a story. Who wouldn’t love that?


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Lazy Stepsister

I am a lazy girl. Ask my mother.

Better yet, ask my younger sister, Jolene. She’ll be happy to give you the details of my laziness. How, while we were growing up, I never did one single chore, and she was forced to do everything. (Cue the violins…) When she tells the story, she’s Cinderella, and I’m all of the ugly stepsisters! I can see the little mice flocking around her feet even as I type this! (If you’re reading this, Jolene, remember, I love you, and since we’re grown up, it’s not fair to beat me up anymore!)
Yes, I am lazy. (But not quite that lazy!) I’ve never denied it. As a matter of fact, I’m good at doing nothing. I excel at sitting around. That is not necessarily a good thing. I’m looking around my apartment right now and realizing that my laziness has caught up with me once again.
I try to keep on top of the housework, really, I do. The kitchen is always clean, the bed gets made almost every day, and I keep things dust-free — most of the time. But there are areas that I let go too long. Like laundry. I hate doing laundry. Of course, if I didn’t have to save up quarters, and drag the hamper down the endless hallway to the spooky laundry room, I might do laundry more often. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.
I swept the floors this morning while I was waiting for the kettle to boil for my tea, and was going to mop, but got distracted. Maybe once I’m done with this post, I’ll finish the floors, vacuum and clean the bathroom. Then I can justify ignoring the laundry for a few more days.
(For the record, Jolene rules.)