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It’s My Life…

My life is not really busy enough to warrant my being such an absentee blogger. I am the Queen of Procrastination, and that does justify it, I guess… Anyway, here I am, with an update.

As most of you know, I share a house with my extended family – my elderly parents, my younger sister and her two children, ages 13 & 23,  2 dogs & a cat. We rent this large house, and have for a few years, and mostly it works. Or it did. Things aren’t working so well anymore. My father has dementia, which is getting progressively worse, and he refuses to see a doctor. He’s gone from being a friendly, funny, loving man, to an angry, hateful unhappy stranger. He’s mad all the time, at everything, especially at the dog, and at me, for some reason. In all of my childhood, I have only one memory of my father yelling at me, and that was when I was about 4-years-old, and ran into the street after a ball. These days he yells at me all the time. I try to remind myself that it isn’t him, it’s the disease, but some days that’s difficult to remember. In January Mom fell at church and broke her hip. She spent two months in the rehab center, and had a mini-stroke while she was there. She’s recovering well, but not as fast as she’d like. Not being able to do all the things she’s accustomed to doing is frustrating to all of us. The biggest issue right now is money (isn’t it always?). While the folks wait for the settlement from the insurance company, bills are falling behind, and we’re all worried. Our landlord has informed us that in September our rent will be raised, so we are going to need to move. Mom has been looking at assisted living facilities, but the prices are insane. I’ve no idea where there rest of us are going to go. I have my disability income, but that’s not really enough to pay rent anywhere except a nice cardboard box.

As I type this, I’m becoming very discouraged. I keep telling my mother not to worry about me, but really, I have no idea what I’m going to do. There is no such thing as affordable housing, especially for someone in my situation. I need to be able to move in the next couple of months, and I don’t see that happening. It’s not as though I need something fancy–all I need is one bedroom, a bathroom, and a small kitchen, somewhere within walking distance of the bus line. I need internet access and decent water pressure, and a closet. Keep dreaming, Jonna.

So what else is going on? Umm…I went six months without a seizure, and then, boy did I have a doozy. Big time. I did change doctors–I am no longer seeing the folks up at OHSU for my neurological needs. I got tired of seeing a different doc every appointment, and that last doctor was just plain rude, so I have switched everything over to Providence. My new doctor is very nice, and seems on the ball.

I had blue hair for a month this summer. That was a mistake…But the blue was better that it’s aftermath! In trying to remove the blue, I damaged my hair so much I’ve had to cut it short, which isn’t the problem, not really. The cut is a bit odd, and needs some help, but the color at the moment, oh. my. gawd. My hair is this awful shade of ashy golden blonde, which just looks nasty on someone with my skint one. Looks as if I have scurvy! Blech. Fortunately, I know how to fix it, and will be doing so VERY soon. As soon as my sister arrives with my supplies, as a matter of fact! And then, I’ll be a beautiful brunette once again…pictures will follow!


















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The Real World: Portland

The last month has been nothing but drama at my house. If I wanted this much drama in my life, I’d have stayed in the theater–Shakespeare’s got a much better vocabulary than we do around here.  His insults are better, too.  Half of my family seems to be convinced that we’re the cast of some over-the-top reality television show, including swearing-screaming-crying-tantrums,  death threats, drunken parties, random sex,  mood swings and come close to fist fights. Our wardrobes are nothing like the Real Housewives (we’re much better dressed than Honey Boo-Boo), but I’m betting our theatrics are equal to theirs any day.  
Yes, I love my family. And right now, I am actually pretty happy living with them, even with all of this going on. Things are better in this house, mostly, and I don’t feel the need to escape like I did a few months ago. I do, occasionally feel a strong urge to duct tape one or two family members to a chair in the garage, and gag them so I won’t have to listen to them anymore!

Families are always messed up, I guess. Nobody is perfect, or even close. I’d be miserable if I had to be part of some sitcom family. The Brady Bunch always annoyed the hell out of me, all so damn perky & blonde! Only Jan was a normal person, and they were awful to her! The Cleavers were even weirder as far as I’m concerned. I’d probably be happy with the Addams Family: all the black clothes and weirdness would make me feel right at home.

There are other things going on in my life. I discovered that the pain in my arm is tendonitis, which will get better, apparently. I managed to make a total fool of myself in front of Dr Jeff, and will be embarrassed about it for a while. I had a birthday. It sucked. The anniversary of Michele’s passing came. That sucked even more. (I’ve a post half ready about that…) I was reminded that so many men are jerks, no matter their age, and that really sucked. And, I read a couple of books that I haven’t reviewed yet.

I am having lots of computer issues, which is why I haven’t posted sooner. In the next week I will hopefully have some of those issues fixed, and will be able to write a bunch at ya’ll. I know you’re waiting for it!  I’ll be back.