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Beaches and Beds

Yeah, that title sounds like this is gonna be a dirty post, but really, it’s not.

I’ve spent 65% of the last week in bed. Sleeping, I mean. For some reason, I’m incredibly tired lately. Amanda would tell me that I’m depressed, Lori would say I’m still getting over whatever made me so sick, and my Mom, well, she said “You’ve become lazy.” Which made my sister and I laugh, because I’ve always been lazy. Lazy is not a new thing for me! I’ve fallen asleep all over the place this week, though. I went in to talk to Max, fell asleep on his bed, and woke up when he started hollering at the video game he was playing. I sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of tea, started snoozing. Fell asleep in my chair at least once a day. And yesterday, I swear, I fell asleep in the shower. Weird. I like my bed best. It’s squeaky, and tall, but comfy and I sleep better there than anywhere else.

“Beaches” is on television as I write this, and Barbra Hershey just died, so I’m typing and crying at the same time. I saw this movie the first time with Michele, and we both cried then. I read the book at some point, too; this is one of the times where the movie is better than the book. The story of childhood friends growing up together, and the death of one feels especially poignant to me these days, as I miss Michele. The anniversary of her passing was earlier this month, and I’d intended to write a big sentimental post about her, and our friendship. I just couldn’t do it. Something inside me wanted to keep that day personal to me. So I lit a candle, said a prayer, and looked at pictures.

The songs that make me think of Shel are not those in the soundtrack to “Beaches,’ no disrespect to Miss M. Michele and I danced to Copacabana, sang along to every stupid 80’s tune, and tunes from The Pirate Movie. And this:


This song still makes me cry.


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The Dog is Trying to Kill Me

I’m typing slowly today (not that I was such a whiz before) because my entire right arm is in pain after our dog tried to kill me last week. (I should point out here that I am right-handed, and if I’d had the leash in my left-hand, this wouldn’t be a problem.)

Kaylee is a 14-month-old Golden Retriever, very affectionate, enthusiastic, and way too full of energy. Last Thursday we were going to run some errands. I was walking Kaylee through the parking lot to the car when she spotted her favorite person in the world, Mike. Immediately, she dashed in his direction, yanking me along with her. What followed would have been a big hit on YouTube, had anyone been filming. I flew off my feet, into the air, and hit the wet, dirty pavement, face down, bruising my knees, & skinning my palms as I landed. The leash was jerked from my hand, and my right shoulder was felt as if it had been pulled out of the socket!
I hadn’t realized there were that many people outside, but instantly there were at least 7 neighbors around me, as well as Steven & Mike, all asking if I was okay, and exclaiming over what had happened. “Did you see how she flew? I’ve never seen a dog do that to a grown-up before!” I heard someone say.
As I cradled my arm against my chest, and headed back inside to change my now wet & dirty clothes, I reminded Mike “Do NOT give that dog any treats!!” Because this, of course, is why she loves him more that anyone else. Mike is the maintenance guy for our apartment complex, and in his storage room, keeps bags of expensive treats for all the dogs that he hands out like candy!
All the dogs adore him.
Later that evening Steven took me to the ER, where they told me I had an Acute Shoulder Strain, gave me some exercises & pain meds. Since then, I can’t lift more than I medium-sized book, and even that is sometimes painful. It’s hard to write; I can’t lift my hand above my head. Ouch.
If that was all, I wouldn’t wonder about the dog, but I’m starting to wonder. A month ago, she pulled so hard on the leash I fell down the stairs, and then a week later, she jumped on me when I was on a stepladder, knocking me off. If I see a shadow on the shower curtain, and hear the theme song from “Psycho,” I’m gonna know it’s her! I think she’s out to get me just because I won’t let her sleep on the bed. With me out of the way, she’ll have Steven all to herself, and can sleep anywhere she wants–sofa, bed, kitchen sink! Nobody will complain “That dog needs a bath!” or that she has toys all over the place.
So if I suddenly end up dead in an odd dog-related accident, you will all know it was no accident! Make sure the dog is prosecuted to the full extent of the law–and do NOT let her sleep on my bed!!