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List It Or Lose It


I like making lists, but if you’ve read many of these posts, you’ve probably noticed that. Lists keep me sane, or at close to it as I come. I make lists of things I need to do, things I want to do, things to buy, things to sell, and all sorts of other lists. I have entire journals filled of lists: what I’d like my dream home to look like, what I’d like my dream man to be like (that’s actually the most difficult list), lists of items I’d have in my dream wardrobe, the songs I’d record if I made a cover album, favorite books & movies & songs, things I love, things I hate, things I cannot live without, and things I’d be happy to never see again. Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep and my brain just won’t shut up, I lie in the dark and give myself a topic to make a list. For example, bands from the 1970’s, going from A to Z, or a list of 25 female characters I really disliked. I usually go in alphabetical order on these lists at night, simply because it helps me keep things in order, and I seldom get all the way to Z before falling asleep.This is how obsessive I get about lists: when I was taking the medication Topamax, my neurologist would give me a quiz each visit to test how it was affecting my verbal skills. He’d give me a letter, and in 60 seconds I had to come up with as many words (no proper nouns, nothing that I’d just said with a modifier –no green then greener) beginning with that letter as I could. I usually did very well on this test, not as well as I thought I should, but I stayed in the top percentile until I’d been on Topamax for several years, and then I started having real trouble finding words. But the lists–after each visit, I would spend my ride home on the bus making a list of words; I’d have always asked the doctor for the list he wrote down as I said them during the test, and then I went from there, until I’d have pages of my journal or dayplanner filled with words. It annoyed me so that I only got a minute to do the first list, and I knew I could do better. When I told my doctor about this, he asked me two questions: “does it make you feel better?” and “how many words do you come up with?” Since I was worried he’d tell me this was a sign I was crazy, I was happy to tell him that yes, it did, and for one letter I came up with nearly 250 words before the bus got to my stop.

My lists are almost always on paper; I’ve tried the list-making apps on my phone and tablet, and it just isn’t the same. I use one occasionally for my grocery list, because it’s easier, and I don’t lose it. But for my other lists, those that are for my soul, I need the feel of a pen on paper, or hands on a keyboard. I think this is one of the reasons I like sites like Pinterest so much–it’s essentially a bunch of lists of stuff people like! I can spend hours just reorganizing my own pins, just getting lost in nothing… Wow.

So. There’s a site called and I love it. Reading other people’s lists is fun, and I just signed up, so now I’ll be posting my own! That’s me. And I have a list posted, so go and read!