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I’m writing this in the dark.

Not that that has anything to do with anything, but I thought maybe somebody somewhere might care. I like my new room, it’s filled with bright colors and has lots of space, but gets dark really quickly. And I need more light sources. One floor lamp, a small table lamp, and a set of fairy lights just ain’t cutting it. My next purchases will be light related, I believe.

Oh, and if I can scrape together the cash, I’m going to get myself a treadmill (there are always treadmills for sale on Craigslist!); I want to lose some weight, but do not want to go outside. I’m not an outdoor girl. I want to be able to do everything right here in my little room. I am the reason the internet was invented–for people who want to socialize without leaving their chair. I’ve done the online dating thing, but that didn’t really work so well for me, now did it? It’s way too easy to lie about who you are, and how you are in an online profile, and trick somebody; I found that out the hard way. So while I may enjoy socialising on Twitter & Facebook and all of the various other places I hang out online, I don’t think I’d date anyone I met there ever again. One bitten twice shy, or something like that.

Anyway. This week I’ve managed to fight off two killer migraines, fall out of the shower (bringing the shower curtain down with me), finally finish unpacking my moving boxes, and bite my nails. The fingernails it took me nearly a year to grow out into reasonably strong, heathly nails, are now gone, gnawed off in a few hours of stress. I am so disappointed in myself. But, I know that as they grow back, they’ll be healthy, not like last years, when they were all weak & fragile from all those years of being stuck under acrylics! I did it once, I can do it again.

Tomorrow, I have errands to run, and then you’ll get a book review. 🙂