accident · falling

I Got Mad Skills, Ya’ll


I’m very skillful. I’m the only person I know who, when standing still,  can fall over, just have an ankle bend and SMACK!! I’m on the floor. It happened twice in the last four days. Ended up with a swollen ankle and a big bruise on my bum where I landed.
What’s really strange is that I’ve never once fallen when doing things that are actualy dangerous. In these same four days I’ve climbed on three different step ladders, a couple of counters, one tall dresser, and stood on the bed to hang posters, without injuring myself once (unless you count dropping a string of fairy lights on my head). Maybe I should spend more of my life on ladders. Because I can injure myself doing normal things, ya know. Yesterday I was unplugging my space heater from the extension cord, when it gave off a bunch of sparks, and scorched my hand. The area around my right ring finger & pinkie were black, and had a tiny blister; the black stuff washed off, and the blister is gone today, but man did that hurt! (I got rid of the extension cord–it was old, and apparently dangerous!).
Yes, I’m incredibly talented.