Sleeping Beauty

I got up early this morning to head across town to the Oregon Clinic for a consultation in their sleep department. My sleep issues are annoying, so the doctor sent me for a sleep study, and this guy today is the one who decides if I need that study. I had a short physical exam, answered a lot of questions, and discussed my sleep hygiene. -“The bed is for sleep and intimacy only. Establish a consistent bedtime and rise time.”  Things like that. I’ll be doing a sleep study soon, and until then, keeping a sleep diary, as well as working on this sleep hygiene. 

Sleep has always been so difficult for me. I spend hours each night tossing and turning, wishing my brain would shut the hell up so I can sleep. Over the years I’ve learned how to make sure my room is the right temperature–I cannot sleep in a warm room–as well as well-ventilated. I have used white noise machines, ocean and nature music on my iPod to block out all the noises in the house. These days I sleep with earplugs, and they work much better than the white noise ever did. There are so many types of earplugs; I discovered an entire website devoted to them, which surprised me.  I am still searching for the perfect plugs; my ears are small, and the foam plugs hurt to sleep in. I am using silicon earplugs right now, and while they don’t block as much noise as the foam, they are much more comfortable. Finding decent pj’s is a pain, as well. I am very picky, and I am fat; this makes it nearly impossible to find something to sleep in that isn’t decorated with Disney characters or sports logos. Not sure why the marketing world thinks that all women over a size 12 want to go to bed dressed like Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty, but it gets on my nerves. All I want is a pair of simple, cotton pyjamas in basic colors–pink, blue, white, green, purple. Stripes, maybe dots or floral, but nothing else. I’m going to have to make my own, I’ve determined. Big fun. 

I do love my sleep mask, though. It’s pink and black, with embroidered closed eyes with long lashes on the front. Wearing it, I feel like Audrey in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Somehow, I’m always able to sleep better in it, plus, I feel so glamorous! 

As I embark on yet another change in my life, and try to sort out my sleep habits, I’m hoping that this will be a good thing. And that I can finally get pyjamas I like.