Gone, Google, Gone

It’s been a month now, as Max reminded me today. Miss Google has been gone for a month. Five weeks, actually. I miss her terribly. Her meow, her warm presence at the foot of my bed, the way she always curled up on top of whatever I was reading, her constant presence in my life. Every time  I get up in the night, I go to the back window, hoping to see her sitting on the porch railing, waiting for someone to let her in; every time I let Daisy in or out, I hope she’ll be there, wanting me to let her in as well. But no such luck. My baby is gone. I only hope that where ever she ended up, she’s happy. If she was killed, it was not painful, or slow. That if she’s in pet heaven, she’s hanging out with Belle and Cat-Cat, having tuna and cream. If she’s with a  new family, they are treating her well, and she loves them. I’ll miss her forever.