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Letting My Hair Down

My hair is driving me crazy. Last autumn, in a fit of stupidity that I regret every day, I chopped off my longish hair (it was just barely below my shoulders) to chin-length.


And a month or so after that, I cut it even shorter.

After, part 1
After, part 1
After, Part 2
After, Part 2


I must have been out of my mind. I hate having short hair. I think I look like a fat lesbian (not really the look I was going for, not that there’s anything wrong with fat lesbians.).  Still, I’ve had my hair many lengths over the years, from all the way down my back to ear-length. My first big hair-cut was at age 12, when I went to the mall one day with some girlfriends, and on the spur-of-the-moment, cut it to my shoulders. Photos of me from junior high show a hair tragedy (and that;s saying something, since it was the ’80’s!), and in high school, it was only marginally better.

Rhonda & Shelley both rocked the 80’s big hair (this was a small-hair day), but mine just looked…nice.

In college, I let it grow out, and was happy with it.

I loved my hair this length. And the curls were fab!
I loved my hair this length. And the curls were fab!

I kept letting it grow. I had long hair for my wedding, even though the style I chose was awful!

CatchingThe Bouquet2
Long hair, but NO style!

Longer for the next few years, as well.












Why I cut it this short, I’m still trying to figure out. I remember complaining about not being able to do anything with it, being tired of endless ponytails, but I know it was better than it is now. So one of my summer projects is to grow my hair. (Another is toGrow-you-hair clean my room, but I think my hair will be long again before that happens!) I’ve researched (meaning: looked at stuff on Pinterest) ways to grow hair fast, and I’m trying some out. Scalp massage, Biotin, and a type of bergamot oil are all on the list. Wish me luck. Hair shouldn’t be a tragedy! hairtragedy