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Dancing Fools


No reason for this post, really, other than these make giggle. I’ve come across several gifs lately that I quite enjoy, and decided to share.

dancing hugh

There are dozens of these “single ladies” out there, and I wanted to share a couple with you all. allthesinglesherlocks singlechandler triosingles downton singles hungersingles  1380112087587669453

Everybody dance now!everybodydancenow footloose


Okay, this image of dancing Harry Potter is one of my favorites. I wished there was also a Draco to go with it, and then discovered there is an entire video, called Dance Dance Potter Revolution! Makes me happy in such a stupid way.DANCE_DANCE_HARRY_POTTER_by_ZombieOwl

Because I’m obsessive, I spent several hours (read: DAYS) looking at gifs, and even found websites where I could make my own, so of course I did.  (I have nothing but time on my hands, people.)

Twist like Travolta, baby.


Some Like It Hot is my all-time favorite movie, and this tango is awesome.


I hope these guys are dancing together in heaven!ChrisFarleyDance2 (1)


Carlton rocks. carlton dances

As does Cap’n Tightpants. Dancingmal

He’s The Doctor. Of course he can dance!



Still one of the best movies ever. breakfastclubtabledancing

Johnny Bravo and PeeWee have more in common than we knew. johnnybravopeewee

Go, Farmer Ted. He blows my mind. Farmer-Ted-and-Samantha-gif-sixteen-candles-21202083-473-232


There’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to Chandler dancing on things, but this is better. turkey-on-head


Mr Noodle, and his brother, Mr Noodle, from Sesame Street. They groove, man. NoodleFamily Dance

And because I am obsessive, and because I found a way to make my own gifs, I give you  Dance Dance Draco!

Dance Dance Draco


Enjoy my silliness.


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