If I’d only known…

Wow. If I’d known that my simple little post on fan-fiction would get me nearly 50 comments or followers in 24 hours, I’d have written it sooner!

Honestly, I was hesitant to post anything about my lurve of ff, since people either seems to understand & agree, or make fun of it. My sister (who is her own type of geek, being addicted to any television show about aliens, Bigfoot, or alien Sasquatch), thinks I’ve lost my mind, and does not hesitate to laugh at me. Although I imagine she’d be thrilled if I gave her some X-Files or Supernatural stories. Hmmm…I wonder if there’s Bigfoot fan-fiction?

Anyway, thanks for the love, folks, and I’ll continue to post. I’m putting together a list of some of my favorites, to share the luv.