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This Song Says It.

A few days ago my friend Tara K. posted a link to a video of Robert Downey Jr singing with Sting, and since I adore RDJ, and quite like Sting, I watched the video, and then viewed several more. I had already been aware that RDJ could sing, having seen him in movies like ‘The Singing Detective,’ and in that episode of Ally McBeal (ick) where he sang with (oh, yeah) Sting! What I didn’t know is that he’d recorded an album, which is pretty good. But this isn’t really about that.

It’s about this.

This video is the first thing Rob did after he got himself out of trouble, back on the straight and narrow, clean & sober, etc. The song, by Elton John, was never very popular, but, it speaks to me. Says everything I’ve been feeling. I hate when that happens.

“A man like me is dead in places other men feel liberated…but I want love.” Yeah. That’s it, all over. There are parts of me I cannot feel anymore, things I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to feel again. My heart seems to be so hard that I’m not sure that anything can get through, or if I want it to. Too much pain. Too many scars, and why would I want more, yeah? Yet, I am craving something that will actually make me feel something, anything. I’d take pain over this nothing all the time.