Still the Queen

I hadn’t realized I’d not posted since October. I am indeed, still the Queen of Procrastination. I thought I’d lost the title, but clearly, my reign is still going strong in this brand new year…  A new year. 2014. Wow. I’ll be forty-six this in less than three months. I’ve been out of high school for twenty-seven years. Yet I don’t actually feel all that different than I did 27 years ago, deep down inside, where it counts, anyway. The Queen has been around much longer than 27 years, I can promise you that. And I’m sure if I look in the right places, or ask my mother, there are things still undone from way back then, things I’m still putting off. Like growing up. Getting a life.

That sounds much more depressed than I intended it to, because really, I am not in a bad place right now. Other than not being thrilled with my too-short haircut. Which is entirely my fault, since I should never ever EVER be allowed to attempt to cut my own hair, no matter how annoyed I am with it! The fact that for the next month I will be forced to look like a fat KD Lang impersonator is going to remind me of that, I hope. Learn from my mistakes–a good thing to do this year, right?

If I can pry myself away from the fanfiction I’ve been lost in for the last month, I’ll be able to get on with life, but then again, maybe I won;t bother. Perhaps I’ll just become a middle-aged fangirl, and try my hand at writing my own fanfic. At least I can spell…


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