Summer time…

Summer time in the City of Roses means we stop, gape at the sky saying “What is that big orange ball? OH. My. Gawd! Is that the sun!? I forgot what it looked like!” for about twenty minutes, and then we begin complaining about how hot it is. It might take forty minutes, depending on how long and  damp winter was. I’m giving us 35, based on the fact that we had a semi-Spring earlier this year, with nice warm days lasting over a week. Any minute now, the entire town will begin yelling “It’s too hot! Turn on the air conditioner!” and running for the shade.

I’m enjoying the heat, so far, because warm weather means none of the hideous fibromyalgia pain I get when the weather is so damp and cold. Plus, summer means a few of my favorite things: popsicles, and tons of fresh fruit. So far this week I have indulged in both, having purchased and consumed a bag of lovely, ripe white peaches. They were so delicious. I may need more immediately. As well, I am indulging in my new favorite pass-time, creating popsicles, followed closely by eating these creations. So far we’ve had a berry medley, a yummy strawberry/banana yogurt, and a pineapple/mango/orange that was the best yet. Although Miss Google is very fond of the yogurt pops. but that may just be her love of strawberry yogurt showing through.

I am going to try a few poptail recipes this weekend: frozen cocktails. I’m thinking mango mai tais, and maybe Black and White Russians. Or Blueberry Moonshine pops. Haven’t decided yet. Maybe all three… And a bloody mary for the next morning.