Pictures, Pigs, & People

I woke up this morning wondering about all the British actors who have appeared in the Harry Potter movies. There was such a plethora of great names, such as Dame Maggie Smith, Kenneth Branagh, Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, David Tennant (The Doctor!), John Cleese, Julie Christie, Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham-Carter, Richard Harris, and of course, Alan Rickman.  It’s been said that anyone who’s anyone in British acting was in these films, but that’s not really true. Where’s Sean Connery? Colin Firth? Judi Dench? Helen Mirren? I don’t imagine they could have gotten Sean Connery, but Hugh Grant? Either way, it made me wonder. I wonder about all sorts of things. For example, how many of these actors will be given knighthoods (or the female equilvalent)? And if I were queen, who would I knight? I don’t have an answer yet, but I’m still thinking.

It’s Saturday.  I cleaned my room, did laundry, made a pan of brownies (which I totally forgot about in the oven, and burned to a crisp!), helped my mom with her yard sale, and learned about Minecraft from my nephew, Max. Did you know in Minecraft, you can ride a pig for long distances, and your hunger bar will neither increase nor decrease? Yep. You have to saddle the pig (there isn’t a crafting recipe for a pig saddle), and then use a carrot on a sick to control the pig. I’ve learned all sorts of odd things about Minecraft, since it’s Max’s favorite video game, which he plays all the time. He’s built huge worlds, a model Titanic, and several hotels in Minecraft, and loves it.


Between Minecraft and burned brownies, I played around with my webcam toy, and took a bunch of silly pictures. here they are, all for you. Enjoy!




Have a lovely weekend!