Gimme a Head With Hair–or Batman

I did it. After weeks, months of complaining about my hair, I chopped it off. I was so tired of only being able to wear it in a ponytail or clipped back, of the long strands breaking constantly in the shower (that was just gross, really. eww), and hanging there in my face. I wanted some movement, some style, my curls back! I didn’t have the time, or the money, the go to the salon, and since my go-to hair stylist friend is temporarily out of commission, I began thinking I’d just pick up the scissors myself.
This is a BIG DEAL!! If you’ve ever cut your own hair, you know, it’s seldom a good idea. However, I have had this hair my entire life. I know it better than anyone else. Stylists at salons invariably want to wash it and cut it wet, not listening when I say “I have naturally curly hair. It needs to be cut dry, do not use that comb or razor on it!” Since I had an idea what I wanted, and I know my hair, I turned to YouTube for practical help.
An hour later I’d watched videos of women cutting their own hair, some with more success than others. The woman who put all of her hair up in a ponytail and then chopped it off scared me; her hair looked like my worst nightmare. But to fair, it didn’t look that good going in, either. I watched hairdressers give lessons on how to cut your own hair, and that was when I decided to take the plunge, and headed to the mirror.
In less than an hour my hair went from well below my shoulders to jaw-length, with lots of shorter layers. Shannon helped me straighten out the stragglers along the back. I was afraid I wake up this morning and burst into tears, but instead I feel light, free. As if I’ve finally started on a new path. And my hair looks great!

I did have a weird dream, about coloring hair though, involving myself and my sister Jolene. In a huge house (that was guarded by an Asian Batman–that may have been hangover from a different dream, though..) we were coloring our hair, as women sometimes to. She was using a dark golden blonde; I had decided to use a silvery dye to turn the are where my dark hair is beginning to go grey into a nifty streak. Kinda like Stacy London’s. I had painted this goop on the front of my head, leaving the back dark. Which makes no sense. But it’s a dream. I looked down to see the sink full of hair; large, brown curls of hair, just taunting me. In the mirror I resembled Medusa. When I went to rinse my hair, in a huge bathroom with gilt fixtures and marble floors, I became angry. There was Jolene’s dark gold hair color splattered all over the walls and floor! She’d done her hair in my bathroom, and made a huge mess! I was furious, and started yelling at her, while rinsing my hair. She stood there, telling me that Batman would clean it up. Then there was a pit bull peeing on the floor, she sprayed him with a hose, and I woke up.
What do you think that means?

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