Karma Is A Bitch (But She Likes Me)

They say what goes around, comes around. You get as good as you give. You reap what you sow. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. My karma ran over your dogma…wait, that’s a bumper sticker, not a philosophy. Still, this week, I saw karma in action for the first time. It was simple, but I needed it. I am not going to gloat, although I would really like to, but I do not want to be the bigger person. What I will say is this: after months of attempted emotional extortion, I am free. A little background is needed, I know. Since our relationship ended, this person (call him Santa), has attempted to get things from me by offering up photos and videos of my late friend Michele. This emotional blackmail has ended now, with the crash & burn of his hard drive. I did not need his photos to remember Michele; I have the real thing in my heart, always. His arrogance and sheer nastiness at using these items made my blood boil, however. Now that he has nothing to use over me, Santa believes he has no power over me, and our relationship is done. Odd, I was done months ago. And he had no power. Never did. I am happy karma bit him in the ass. I hope his hiney hurts. Remember the Golden Rule, baby.