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Hey, Girl! Internet Addiction and Me!


Yes, I am an addict. There, I said it. I am a junkie. I loooove my internet connection. I love reading ebooks. I love Pinterest. I love Tumblr –especially the wide variety of “hey girl’s” that exist  My favorite is Nathan Fillion. Although if a Bruce Willis exists, that may beat him out, because Bruce always wins. ‘

I love Facebook, and email, and Twitter, and all the other millions of things. I love reading random blogs about somebody’s kids, cats or DIY projects, or sex life. These seems to be the main themes for blogs, along with celebrity love/hate, politics, fitness/weight loss, and religion– all of which I avoid as much as possible, except for the aforementioned tumblr’s.

Recently I came across this Forbes article about the newly listed Internet Use Disorder listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-V). Turns out I may actually have a problem. Of course, not like those parents who let their kids starve while they play online games…of course, I do consistently “forget” things when deep in the Pinterest wonderland! Yikes…

My only solution is to turn this bloody machine off and walk away.


Do it!

Maybe later. Gotta see if there is a Bruce Willis “Hey Girl” out there…

Then I’ll go outside…

Oh, Captain!


2 thoughts on “Hey, Girl! Internet Addiction and Me!

  1. Addicted to Castle! He cracks me up every time. Especially the bit where he’s playing laser tag with his daughter and Becket comes to the door.

    Must stop watching Castle YouTube videos…must stop watching…. 😉


  2. I’m pretty sure I have the same problem, lol. Except I have to add a big dose of fan fiction to my addiction, and that can occasionally take over my life for weeks at a time. And apparently I am out of the loop a little, because I have no idea what a “hey girl” is…


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