Book Review: What the Dead Know

What the Dead KnowWhat the Dead Know by Laura Lippman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With this novel, I see why Lippman’s books continue to be bestsellers: she tells the story of two sisters, missing from a Baltimore mall for 20 years. A woman appears, claiming to be one of these sisters, telling a patchwork tale of kidnapping, rape and murder. She’s been hiding under false names for years, she says. But her stories don’t quite add up. Why? Who is this woman, really? What happened on Easter weekend all those years ago?

I truly enjoyed this book, and was surprised by the end. I am a big fan of Laura Lippman’s stand alone novels (rather than the Tess Monoghan series), and yet I found myself smiling when I recognized characters from other books. Since she writes detective fiction, I guess that’s to be expected, but still…

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