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Book Review: Real Murders

Real Murders (Aurora Teagarden, #1)Real Murders by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After waiting months for a library copy of Real Murders, I finally broke down & bought my own copy for my eReader, and proceeded to finish the novel in one juicy sweep. I do love Charlaine Harris’ books, and now that the Sookie Stackhouse series is almost finished, I’m happy that I have a new-to-me series to jump into. Aurora Teagarden is a delightful heroine, both smart & funny. I’d have appreciated a bit more of a plot twist at the end, but let’s be honest– I’m not expecting Hitchcockian story lines from these books.

All in all, I found Real Murders a real satisfying read.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Real Murders

  1. Speaking of Charlaine Harris, have you read the Grave Sight (I think that's the title, of one of them, if not the first) books? I have only read the first, but I think that there is at least three. I enjoyed the first one, but borrowed it from a friend and have yet to see the sequels…


  2. Yes, Rob, I've read the series of which you speak, about Harper Connolly. While I enjoyed them, I was hesitant about some elements–no spoilers, since you haven't all of them. Charlaine Harris said that she isn't sure if she'll be continuing the series beyond what she's already written, so read them now!


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