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I finished this book in two days, and loved every minute of it. Kept reading sections of it out loud to whoever was nearby–the dog, the cats, my boyfriend.
When watching Little House as a child, I always connected more with Nellie (although I looked like Laura!), and admired her ability to be such a bitch. Turns out Alison Arngrim & I were learning the same lessons from her character– freedom & confidence, how to stand up for ourselves.
Alison Arngrim’s life story could easily have been another “poor me, former child-actor” tale of woe, but she never allows any of her darkness to drag the reader down. All is told with a light hand, a comic edge, and a chutzpah that brings a smile to your face as you’re crying. She’s used her abuse & loss to help others. This Prairie Bitch is one amazing gal!

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  1. @The Martha ComplexI read & adored the the books as well, and still have my set from childhood! I even convinced my mother to help me make maple syrup candy one Christmas when we had a lot of snow, just because I was so enchanted with Laura's story of doing the same! The characters in the books & the show are somewhat different, as she explains in the book, but still just as fun, and interesting.


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