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The Honking:A Poem

I haven’t written a new poem in quite a while, but this one (about the dog, of all things!) came to me almost whole a bit ago. Here it is!
The Honking
Awakened on this chilly morning by the sound of geese
returning from their winter homes.
I am nestled in my bed,
a cat at my feet,
another at my head.
And the dog, sleeping soundly on the floor beside the bed,
responds to the honking with lifted ears and thumping tail.
Although she’s a retriever, she’s never seen a bird in the wild.
A toy mallard, torn apart & well-loved,
and a bright green rubber football bearing the logo of the Oregon Ducks
are the closest she’s come.
Perhaps one day soon I’ll take her to the duck park
let her run wild among the gathered fowl,
to hear the righteous indignation of their honks as they scatter before her.

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