When I started this blog I was hoping to increase my creative output by writing more often, and by hearing from my friends what they thought of my thoughts. But I lost track of time, as I often do, and for a while had no way to post.
So now I’m writing for me. I’ve decided that I’m not gonna worry about who I might offend anymore. I might hurt some feelings, or annoy someone. I may not have a point when I write, just like when I talk.
Okay, I’m done ranting.
Here’s a few things you may not know about me.
A Random List

I hate coconut so I tell people I’m allergic.
My boyfriend and I both have brothers named David.
I can’t wear turtlenecks; I feel like they’re choking me.
I don’t eat goopy food.
My boyfriend and I met online.
I’ve broken my nose twice, and my right wrist three times.
I HATE being late for things, and it makes me really angry when I have to wait for others.
I still sing into my hairbrush & dance around, usually to ’80’s hits.
Two things really scare me: rushing water, and losing my sight.
I enjoy making lists.

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