Vegetable Depression

I’ve suffered off & on since I was in my teens from depression. Chronic depression seems to run in my family, although we don’t talk much about it. I’m epileptic, and since depression often runs hand-in-hand with that as well, I get it coming & going. It’s taken me to some very dark spots in my life, places where all I could do was curl up in my pajamas, mindlessly watching hours of television and sleeping. Didn’t talk to anyone, and if I did, I’d start crying. I couldn’t even read–my only solace was lost to me! The darkness was too big to fight.

It’s a difficult thing to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there, and I am not going to try here. I simply wanted to post a lovely & humorous list I came across today on a blog called beliefnet. It made me smile, and rang true. Here it is:

16 Ways Depression Is Like a Pumpkin

1. It comes in all shapes and sizes (and diagnoses).
2. With enough creativity, you can it put it to good use.
3. You have to carefully monitor kids around it.
4. It arrives in October, and stays through the holidays.
5. It can be heavy and cumbersome.
6. It can be ugly.
7. It never grows alone, and it has long roots.
8. You can carve different faces on it.
9. Birds and humans crap all over it.
10. It likes ghosts and dead people (the past, in general), and phobias of all kind.
11. Like an 11-year-old boy, you really want to smash it.
12. It can make you think of Thanksgiving, and everything you have to be grateful for.
13. You can’t just hide it or forget about it, because after a few months, it will rot, decay, and stink up your entire house.
14. It’s orange, meaning “ALERT: something isn’t right.”
15. A lot of people have one, but most don’t put theirs out on the porch (like I do) for everybody to see (and comment on).
16. After you dig out its guts and give it a light, it can be made into something beautiful (at least temporarily).

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