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My Teenage Cat.

I am the parent of a teenager.

My teen doesn’t drag me to soccer games or need rides to the mall. She’s not your typical teen. And yet…she is! Yes, my kitten is growing up. Miss Google is a teen.
These last few weeks I’ve been noticing my baby girl acting more & more like an adolescent. Her risk-taking behavior scares me, and she ignores my calls of “Get down! Don’t do that! Stop!” as she walks along the thin iron railing of our second-story deck, or climbs to the top of the bookshelves. When she falls, who will she cling to?
She eats things that she shouldn’t. As she chases bugs across the apartment she knocks over half the things in her way, never stopping until she catches & eating each one. It’s gross, but it makes her so happy…
And the plants, oh, the plants. Yes, she’s eaten all the herbs in the pots on the deck. The mint, lemon balm, lavender. She chews on the geranium, the roses, the jasmine.
Like many teens, Miss Google (I’m ashamed to admit) has experimented with drugs. My kitty has a catnip problem. We bought a catnip plant at the nursery, so I guess that makes us her dealers. She’d chew on a few leaves, and be stoned the entire day.
But I realized she was truly an adolescent the other day when she walked right by me as I called her name. Steven & I both called her, and she simply ignored us, strolling past with her tail in the air. Totally a teenage behavior! If she’d had a cell phone, she’d have been texting her friends “My parentals are so lame! OMG!”
I’m just glad she isn’t watching Twilight or listening to Justin Bieber.

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  1. She is a teenager, only coming out of her room when she wants something, only to disappear a few minutes later. Also only letting you pet her on her terms when she feels like it.Our little girl is growing up so fast…:-)


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