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Dream of the Big Birds

“I had a dream…a dream about you, Big Bird!”

Well, not quite. For the past few nights I’ve had the same dream, featuring big birds, although not of the Sesame Street variety.

Imagine, if you will, a tropical island, somewhere Gilligan or Jeff Probst would hang out. On this island, huge birds of all types flock: giant crows, black as night; pigeons big as city buses; parrots larger than Mardi Gras floats! These birds not only rule over the puny humans on their beautiful island, they eat them, cracking open a head like a nut. The tiny people scurry like ants in fear, hiding each time a birdsong is heard! There is hope, however: if you are brightly colored, or have a beautiful voice, the birds may just decide to keep you alive.

I was held by large cockatoo, who kept me in a large bamboo cage, called me “Puddin’” and forced me to sing for my life. Not a bad deal, considering I never remember all the words! Of course, I don’t like birdseed, which was what she fed me. And sleeping on that little perch was very difficult. But at least it saved my head from nutsville!

All in all, I think I’ll stick with Sesame Street.